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we  need to talk buddy„„„„„,ur  way too cute„„„„„,tone it down a bit„„„„„,im tryna sleep but ur cute ness is keeping me awake

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Anonymous said: Mia there is this boy in my grade who keeps calling me judgmental. So one day I was handing out doughnuts for anti sex slavery at school and he was like "why should be against sex slavery, it's great." And he and his friends are like "lol I would rape someone in their sleep" and he constantly makes sexual comments to me. Of course in my mind I have judged him as a horrible person and have no respect for him. But he calls me a judgmental feminazi and he thinks he's so innocent >:(


Oh god, don’t let an asshole like that make you feel bad. I would have punched him for saying this, oh my god.


reminder that interracial relationships can exist without white people

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Animals that are really awesome.

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Labrinth talks collabing with Zayn x

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I was a late bloomer, but anyone who blooms at all, ever, is lucky.
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A mix of my teenage rants / 1D